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Meet Lori

Financial Advisor, Money Coach; Women, Divorce and Money Expert

Lori Brand is a 30 year financial advisor, money coach, speaker and educator who’s on a mission to empower women to thrive economically after the pain of a divorce, death of a spouse or job loss.  


Unlike most financial advisors, Lori helps untangle the leftover, negative emotions surrounding money and divorce that keep women stuck on a path of underachieving and under-performing financially.  She melds her practical knowledge of sound financial planning with the emotional issues regarding money and has put hundreds of women back on a path to financial security and independence, regardless of their income, assets or net worth.   

“It’s Not About The Money, It’s About The Emotion of Money That Keeps Us Stuck.”


Lori owns and operates an independent financial services and insurance agency and has taught employee retirement and financial planning workshops for hundreds of people over the years, helping them to create a financially secure retirement. 


She is a champion for women's leadership and empowerment, facilitating several women's networking groups in her home state of New Jersey.  She is co-founder of, an organization designed to help women achieve balance within the three pillars of spiritual, physical  and financial wellness.


Over the last decade, her messages and workshops for women focus on overcoming roadblocks to achieving true financial success and abundance. She believes that women "can and must" take the first steps toward financial freedom to live the life they always dreamed of living. 


“Let’s Identify What’s Standing In Your Way”

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