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 What Is

Women, Divorce, And Money?                      

Women, Divorce, and Money...


Is a collective enterprise of thoughts, ideas, research, seminars, workshops, coaching, books, and other related concepts that support the idea that women can thrive economically after divorce (or widow-hood or job loss) by changing their own internal dialogue of leftover, negative messages surrounding their divorce.  

Divorced women who may have played a marginal role in the family finances may view themselves more negatively with regard to their finances moving forward, impeding future wealth and financial security by perpetuating outdated,  negative messages.  


W, D, and M challenges that narrative and empowers women to redesign their financial future and live a financially successful life post-divorce, regardless of income, ability, or net worth.


“Divorce is financially traumatic, but the rebuild is about so much more than just money.”


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