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...Maryann spends most of her time consumed with feelings of resentment toward  her ex-husband and his new wife. She spends frivolously, compensating for feelings of inadequacy and anger toward her ex-spouse.

Despite her near six-figure income, Maryann lives paycheck to paycheck.

She has no savings to speak of but for her meager 401-k plan.

The Solution

By enrolling in the "Your Emotional Money Set-point" workshop, and one on one counseling.  Maryann was able to discover that most of her overspending was coming from an emotionally destructive place.


Through insightful behavioral coaching and practical financial planning, Maryann changed the destructive behavior keeping her broke.  She has paid down her debt, began an investing program and is about to make a down payment on a new home.  


Jennifer came into one of the workshops convinced she was bad with money when in truth, during the course of her marriage she had no opportunity to deal with budget or investment issues. As a result, she had no confidence in managing her lump sum settlement. She drained her settlement quickly just managing day to day bills and now had no real income or savings to fall back on.

The Solution

It was easy to see that Jennifer came into the coaching program with a story regarding her ability to handle finances. That "story" created a difficult reality for her that did not need to exist.  


 Behavioral money coaching helped her to see that it wasn't her ability to handle finances, it was her lack of experience. We helped her create a new reality based on her abilities, not old, leftover negative messages. She is gainfully employed and taking baby steps in the savings and investing world and her confidence has sky-rocketed.


Diane, divorced for 10 years, came into the coaching program with a $100,000 in a passbook savings account.  She had fears that her money would not last into retirement, yet she didn't have the confidence or knowledge to seek alternatives.  She felt intimidated by most financial advisors she met, so she left her money in a bank earning 1%.

The Solution

Diane enrolled in a six week course that boosted her confidence surrounding money and investing. Then, she invested her nest egg in an account designed to maximize her return, bypass risk, and ensure she would not outlive her hard-earned savings. She has also automated her savings so that she can continue to build her nest egg. She now feels more confident than ever regarding her financial future.

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