Financial Wellness, Planning and Coaching Workshops

Are you a woman looking to rebuild your finances after divorce, death of a spouse or job loss?

Do you struggle to experience true financial freedom now matter how hard you work?

Do you feel like you'll never get ahead?

Do you feel trapped by your finances instead of empowered?

Imagine changing the path of your financial future today!

Compartmentalized Plans and Hourly Consultations.

1Can't get ahead financially? 

2.  Need a little clarity to set you on the right path?

3.  Is it better to pay down debt or save money?  

4.  Not sure what to do with your savings and afraid of the cost of getting sound advice? 

5.  How do you decide who to trust? 

 These are some of the questions that keep you from realizing financial abundance.  Not knowing where to start is the number one cause of unrecognized financial goals.  Lack of action keeps you stuck, and that's when you start to form messages about money that just aren't true.


Recognize these destructive patterns and choose a personalized plan to give you the best fit for your desired outcome. A quick review will tell whether a compartmentalized approach to your savings goals or an hourly engagement is appropriate. I will help you design a plan to achieve your desired outcome within your budget.  

Financial Wellness Coaching

1What 's holding you back?


2.  What does money mean to  you?

3.  Want to be more informed, confident and in control of your finances?


 Financial Wellness, or "money coaching"combines distinct aspects of traditional coaching with sound financial planning. This approach helps uncover roadblocks and beliefs surrounding money.


Money coaching changes behaviors that keep you stuck. When combined with step- by- step support, and a financial plan designed to meet specific goals, clients report being more empowered about changing the path of their financial future. 

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