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Keynote Speaker

Lori Brand

Empowering women to thrive financially after divorce or other life's transition is a passion of Lori's since going through her own divorce years ago. Her seminar on "Women, Divorce and The Emotion of Money" is a powerful and enlightening look at some of the ways women have used negative thought patterns to sabotage themselves financially no matter their income, background, or ability.  This groundbreaking seminar has helped hundreds of women uncover what is standing in their way of achieving financial security.  

Lori Brand combines her passion, expertise, and personal narrative to deliver dynamic, and highly valuable action steps to start audience members on a path to financial security.   

Want Lori To Speak at Your Conference, Organization or School?  

Sample Presentation Topics

Women, Divorce and the Emotion of Money

A powerful look at what's holding you back financially

Your Retirment Purse Strings

Understanding the unique financial challenges facing women during and after divorce

7 Steps to Building Wealth

If you 're not where you want to be financially, you're not doing these 7 things

A New Financial You Post Divorce

Did your ex-spouse call the financial shots? How to re-calibrate your emotional money set point  

Are you looking for a no-cost benefit for your employees?   Any one of these workshops can be designed to meet the needs of your female workforce.  The content is designed to help women look for real-life road blocks that keep them  from meeting their money goals and achieving true financial security.  Reach out today to find out about offering a no-cost workshop for your employees.  

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