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Financial Planning and





Financial Wellness During Life's Transitions

          For Women

Financial Security Is Within Reach!

What Is Women, Divorce and Money?

Meet Lori

Financial Advisor, Speaker, Money Coach

Statistics show that most women suffer greater economic setbacks than men do after divorce.  It is also true that leftover negative emotions surrounding your divorce​ lead to self-defeating thoughts, patterns, and behaviors with money that will leave you unable to achieve true financial security.  Negative thoughts create a new reality of financial struggle instead of financial abundance. 


How do I know this? 

I left a financially and emotionally abusive marriage after 20 years. 


Gradually,  I understood the high cost of looking at money through the lens of my bad divorce. I was a six-figure earner,  yet I was unable to shake the wake of destruction I had endured by staying in the marriage.

I finally realized that self-blame harbors negative thoughts that keep you stuck and broke. I worked hard to rewire my internal software surrounding my divorce so that I could change the trajectory of my financial future. YOU can do it too. It's not about the money, it's about the emotion surrounding your money.  

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What I Specialize In

Identify Your Emotional Money Setpoint

Set Financial Goals

Financial Action Checklist

What's Standing In Your Way?

Personalized Action Plan

 Wealth Building For Women.  It's Your Story, Begin Your Journey Here...

Maryann is a 53 year old women who grosses $96,000 a year between her salary and child support, yet has no savings, is straddled with debt. and living paycheck to paycheck.  She spends most of her time...

Maryann Tyler

Jennifer  was a stay at home mom who raised two girls,  now on their own,  Her husband, a successful entrepreneur managed the bills, finances and investments. Jennifer grew resentful at his unwillingness to include her and filed for divorce. Her divorce settlement awarded her with a $500,000 lump sum settlement, yet she can't afford her simple monthly living expenses such as taxes and utilites.  

   Jennifer Greene

Diane is a 50 year old divorced woman working in the hotel / hospitality business.  She relied heavily on her husband's income while married, but managed to save a small amount of money for herself. She feels the money is not sizeable enough to seek financial advice so she lets it sit in a passbook savings account where the money barely keeps up with inflation. 

Diane Cummings

"Money is only a tool.  It will take you wherever you wish,  but it will not replace you as the driver." - Ayn Rand.

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